Getting in touch with the Jewel of Yorkshire


There are many reasons you may need to contact us, and below are the different methods for doing so. However, we may have already prepared an answer in our frequently asked questions section below.

The best contact method is the following email address. We check our emails regularly but please give us at least 7 days to answer before trying again.

Alternatively, you can write to us. It may however be a bit slower for us to respond to you.

21 Malsis Road, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 1EY

During the weekend we do not check our emails or facebook, so if you need to contact us then please ring the following phone number. The rest of the year this phone is turned off!

07521 246 935

Bookings, Refunds and FAQ's

Can I book for a friend?

The booking system will only allow you to book workshops for one person at a time. This is to stop people booking two workshops in the same time period by accident. However you can finish and come back to use the system multiple times and make a fresh booking for each person. There is a box for ‘additional information’ as part of the payment system, use this to tell us who the workshops are booked for.

You CAN book extra show places on one booking. Use the ‘additional information’ to tell us who is coming so the right names go on the bookings.

What if the workshop I want is full?

If the workshop you want is sold out, but you would like to get a place if one comes available, email and ask to go on the reserve list. If, before bookings close, a place is cancelled we will try to reallocate it to someone on the reserve list. We will email you. This happens usually in the final few weeks before JoY so do keep checking. Some very late cancellations may appear as resales which can be bought at JoY reception as we cannot use the reserve list system.

What about Covid?

We will be following the guidelines in place at the time of the event. If the event is cancelled because of an outbreak we will inform you and refund. If you can’t come because of covid, or any other serious illness see below.

What if I can’t come after I have booked?

If you have arranged privately for someone else to take up all or part of your booking, please let us know and we will change the name(s) on the booking for each workshop free of charge.

If you have to cancel all or part of your booking please get in touch as soon as possible, preferably by email. We do not normally accept verbal cancellations made by 3rd parties and advise you not to use open social media to tell people you are not coming as this can allow unscrupulous people to make use of your cancelled places. We cannot act on cancellations made after the cut-off date given in the booking forms (generally about a week before the Friday date). Exceptions may be made for exceptional circumstances at our discretion

We will try to resell any cancelled workshop places. Where we have sold places we will refund the workshop price (less a £5 per booking handing charge) or roll forward a credit. All refunds will be made after the event.

Can I swap workshops?

There is no general swap facility, after the 7-day cooling off period, but we try to be flexible provided we are given notice in good time. Please email and explain the situation and we will try to sort things out.

Swaps during the event are at the discretion of the reception staff but can be difficult to organise.

Why am I paying a booking fee?

In order to allow people to book online we have to channel payments through the PayPal finance system (even if it looks like you are paying direct by credit or debit card). PayPal makes a charge on each payment it processes and we charge this as a booking fee. That’s why the amount changes, it is based on the total cost of your booking.

If you want to avoid the charge, then email your booking and ask to pay by direct bank transfer (or make a postal booking with a cheque).

How do I get to perform at the Friday Student Showcase?

If you want to perform in the student showcase you must have booked at least one workshop and you must also book a Student Showcase ticket. For groups we do not expect everyone to have booked workshops (but hope most will) and everyone dancing must prebook and pay for a show ticket.

Email with your information and some details of the performance. We will get back to you to confirm you have a place and supply more information. Space in the show is limited, and it fills up quickly. We give priority to groups with a limited number of solos.

What happens at the Saturday show?

There is no reserved seating for the show. The bulk of the seating is in the main hall with a small number of spaces available on the balcony (reduced due to restrictions imposed by the venue), Children are not allowed on the balcony. Please be sensible if queuing on the stairs.

Large bags are not allowed in the hall or on the balcony during the show, we provide a FREE left luggage facility, please use it.

There is a disco in the York Room and a café in the Evans Room.

Can I come to look at the souk without paying?

The souk in the Main Hall is open for shoppers (and free to enter) during the day on Saturday from 9:30 to 17:00(ish) and on Sunday from 9:30 to 15:00(ish). The souk is closed over Saturday tea-time to allow the traders to take a break and for the hall to be reorganised for the show. During the shows you can only enter if you have a show ticket.

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